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Ring Pump RP-3S series

RP-S Photo
  • The RP-3S series is a pump that achieves long life and large discharge rate by connecting three RP-S pump heads and driving it with a stepper motor.
  • By consolidating the three IN into one and the three OUT into one, pulsation in the discharge flow can be further reduced compared to the RP-2S series, which has two dual pump heads.
    (The IN and OUT are consolidated into a single line each for shipment.)
    For more information on discharge flow pulsation, please see here.
  • By suctioning different liquids into each of the three pump heads, three types of liquids can be delivered at the same time.

Catalog (PDF)
Outline drawing (PDF)
3D CAD data (STEP)
2D CAD data (DXF)

Standard model (Spec 1)
Model No. Discharge rate
Material IDxOD (mm)
RP-3S07F-2500Z-DC24VS approx. 9 (at 1rpm) -
2,500 (at 300rpm)
PharMed BPT 7.0 x 10.0

Outline drawing
RP-S 外観図
Mounting holes
RP-2S Mounting hole drawing

Stepper Motor Controller and Driver Board

RP-3S is driven by a stepper motor. To operate a stepper motor, you need a controller or driver for that motor.
We offer the following dedicated controllers and driver boards as options sold separately. Please contact us if you need it.

Stepper Motor Controller

  • You can control the motor by connecting to the motor with a lead wire.
  • Using the buttons on the panel, you can control the rotation speed, rotation direction, start/stop of rotation, motor current settings, acceleration/deceleration time settings, etc.
  • Motor speed setting, rotation direction setting, and start/stop of rotation can be controlled using external signals.
  • DC24V 3A power supply is required. Please prepare a DC power supply, AC adapter, etc.

Stepper Motor Driver Board

  • This is a driver board that connects the motor, power supply, and external control signals, and controls the motor using external control signals.
  • Please prepare the equipment to send control signals by yourself.
  • DC24V 3A power supply is required. Please prepare a DC power supply, AC adapter, etc.