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Greetings from the president of our company


The impetus for establishing "Aquatech" is the passion for manufacturing of the founder, Nagao Tamagawa, who said, "Let's make what we don't have."

Tamagawa has served as a technical manager and factory manager at a major electronics manufacturer, and has retired. At the company he worked for after retirement, he was asked to develop a gastrocamera washing machine, and was looking for a suitable pump. However, the pumps on the market at the time were expensive imports, and large, so there was nothing that could be used.

Therefore, Tamagawa established "Aquatech" with the spirit of a developer, "Let's make what we don't have." and started developing micro pumps himself. After trial and error, he succeeded in developing the original product "Ring Pump," which overcame the weaknesses of conventional tube pumps and adapted to miniaturization, and obtained patents in Japan and the United States.

Since then, "Ring Pump" has expanded the range of variations such as long life, chemical resistance, and ultra-compact. In recent years, in addition to the conventional general-purpose industrial field, it is used by people in various industries such as regenerative medicine, space development and other advanced technology fields.

Inheriting our founder Nagao Tamagawa's sincere attitude toward manufacturing and tireless spirit of development, we aim to be a technical group that sensitively perceives the ever-changing needs of society and always provides unique small tube pumps. We will continue to work together with our employees. We look forward to your continued guidance and cooperation.