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Download outline drawing (PDF) and 2D/3D CAD data

You can download each data by clicking "Download" of the required items in the table below.
("xxx KB" in the table is the file size.)

Outline drawing (PDF) and 2D/3D CAD data

Model series Outline drawing (PDF) 3D CAD data (step) 2D CAD data (dxf)
RP-M (DC motor) series Download(179KB) Download(664KB) Download(218KB)
RP-M (AC motor) series Download(89KB) Download(248KB) Download(81KB)
RP-KⅡ series Download(309KB) Download(918KB) Download(383KB)
RP-S series Download(202KB) Download(783KB) Download(228KB)
RP-2S series Download(208KB) Download(738KB) Download(253KB)
RP-WⅡ series Download(343KB) Download(882KB) Download(289KB)
RP-GⅡ series Download(83KB) Download(213KB) Download(71KB)
RP-2GⅡ serie Download(87KB) Download(219KB) Download(87KB)
RP-GⅢ series Download(122KB) Download(1,534KB) Download(542KB)
RP-H (Pump head replacement type) series Download(435KB) Download(889KB) Download(260KB)
RP-Q/QX series Download(70KB) Download(130KB) Download(50KB)
RP-QⅡ (DC motor) series Download(75KB) Download(199KB) Download(59KB)
RP-QⅡ (Stepper motor) series Download(145KB) Download(210KB) Download(84KB)
RP-QⅢ (DC motor) series Download(81KB) Download(223KB) Download(71KB)
RP-QⅢ (Stepper motor) series Download(154KB) Download(231KB) Download(94KB)
RP-CⅢ series Download(90KB) Download(359KB) Download(108KB)
RP-HX series Download(145KB) Download(167KB) Download(90KB)
RP-TX series Download(75KB) Download(139KB) Download(55KB)
RE-C300-HC (Constant discharge pump system) series Download(145KB) Download(292KB) Download(104KB)
RE-C300-HⅡC (Constant discharge pump system) series Download(131KB) Download(212KB) Download(76KB)
RE-C300-MC (Constant discharge pump system) series Download(187KB) Download(346KB) Download(119KB)
RE-C300-KⅡC (Constant discharge pump system) series Download(241KB) Download(330KB) Download(149KB)