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RP-P Photo
RP-P Photo
"Aquatech Co., Ltd." develops, manufactures and sells the original tube pump "Ring Pump".
With the aim of "contributing to society by creating a flow", we provide Ring Pumps that can be used in a variety of situations using our unique technology.
This website introduces information about Ring Pump and our product lineup.

❊"Ring Pump" is a registered trademark of our company.

New info
June 6, 2024
NEW Product information;
We added the RP-QⅡF/QⅢF models, which feature increased discharge rates, to our RP-QⅡ/Ⅲ series with stepper motors.

• The discharge rates range from 2.6 to 2,600 μL/min.
• The appearance and size are the same as the existing RP-QⅡB/QⅢB and QⅡC/QⅢC models.
• Due to the change in motors, we are also launching the dedicated motor controller RE-C602

May 30, 2024
Exhibition information:
We will exhibit at the Pharma Lab Expo

 • Date: June 26 (Wed) - 28 (Fri), 2024   10:00-17:00
 • Location: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
 • Booth No.: 55-12, East Hall 7
We look forward to seeing you there.

Mar. 12, 2024
NEW Product information;
Large discharge rate by 3 pump heads;   RP-3S series

• Ring pump with a discharge rate of 9 - 2,500 mL/min using a stepper motor.
• Because 3 pump heads are connected, pulsation of discharge flow can be reduced.
• Three types of liquids can be delivered at the same time by using separate tubes.

Dec. 26, 2023
NEW Product information;
Pump head replacement type, capable of discharge rate up to 10 mL/min;   RP-H series

• Pump drive motors can be selected from a brushed DC motor, a brushless DC motor, and
  a stepper motors.
• Pumps using a brushless DC motor and a stepper motor are equipped with a needle roller
  bearing. Therefore they achieved 5,000 hours of continuous operation. (Our experimental value
  using water. Life expectancy is not guaranteed.)
• You can choose from 6 types of tubes depending on your application.

Feb. 1, 2023
Model added to RP-WII series
   Added model RP-WII04F-700Z-DC24V with discharge rate of 700mL/min to RP-WII series.

Dec. 28, 2022
Publish web page for smartphones
   We have released a web page suitable for browsing on smartphones.
   When you access this homepage on your smartphone, it will automatically switch.

Oct. 3, 2022
NEW Product information;
Motor controller RE-C600

 • Stepper motor controller for 1 piece of RP-TX, HX, RP-QⅡB/C, and RP-QⅢB/C series
 • Various pump operation can be controlled by a computer connected to RE-C600.
 • The pump can be stopped at specified number of revolutions, supporting fixed discharge.

Sep. 1, 2022
NEW Product information;
RP-QⅡB/C, QⅢB/C series with stepper motor

The model using a stepper motor has been added to the popular micro pump RP-QⅡ/QⅢ series.
It is possible to control the discharge rate more finely than ever before.

Sep. 1, 2022
NEW Product information;
Motor controller RE-C500/C501

 • Stepper motor controller for RP-HX, RP-TX, RP-QⅡB/C, RP-QⅢB/C series
 • Various pump operation can be controlled by a computer connected to RE-C500.
 • RE-C500 can control 6 pumps individually.
    Furthermore, up to 12 pumps can be controlled by adding one RE-C501.

Sep. 1, 2022
NEW Product information;
Constant discharge pump system; RE-C300-H/HⅡ/M/KⅡ

 • A constant discharge pump system is realized by the pump using a DC motor with an encoder
    and the motor controller RE-C300 that accurately stops the rotation of the motor at an integral
    multiple of one rotation.
 • We offer the following 4 series of pumps.
RP-H···DC24VE, RP-HⅡ···DC24VE, RP-M···DC24VE, RP-KⅡ···D24VE