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RE-C100, RE-F100 :
Motor controller for RP-HX, RP-TX, RP-QⅡB/C and RP-QⅢB/C

RE-C100 Motor controller
  • RE-C100 is the stepper motor controller for RP-HX and RP-TX series.
  • Start/stop, rotational direction, and rotational speed of the pump can be controlled.
  • The motor drive method is 1/4 or 1/8 micro-step drive method. (switchable)
  • Two RP-TX pumps of the same type can be connected and operated. (Two pumps are the same operation. RP-TX only.)
  • The number of operating pumps can be increased by the series connection of one RE-C100 for master and one or several RE-C100 for slave. (All pumps are same operation.)
  • RE-C100 can control start/stop and rotation speed of the pump by pulse signals from an external source.

RE-F100 Frequency display
  • RE-F100 is the frequency display which connects to RE-C100.
  • Operation of the pump is possible by RE-C100 only. But if you want to adjust rotational speed more, you need to purchase RE-F100.

Manual (PDF)

Name Motor controller
Model No. RE-C100
Applicable pumps RP-HX, RP-TX series
Power source DC6V 1.8A (Includes AC adapter)
Driving method Bipolar constant voltage
Excitation mode 1/4 micro-step or 1/8 micro-step driving
Motor driving
DC 2.6 V
Dimensions W105 x D60 X H51 mm
Accessories AC adapter (Input: AC100-240V 50/60Hz, Output: DC6V 1.8A)