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RE-C700 :
Motor controller only for RP-H series with the stepper motor

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  • Motor controller only for RP-H series with the stepper motor.
  • Only one pump can be connected to the RE-C700.
  • Install the dedicated software on your computer from the USB memory (included). By connecting the computer and RE-C700 with the USB cable (included), you can control various operations for the pump.
  • Pump operating sequences can also be programmed.
  • The pump can be stopped at a specified number of revolutions up to 30 revolutions, and a fixed discharge volume can be performed at a specified multiple of the discharge volume per revolution.
    (Discharge volume data for one rotation is attached to the pump)
  • The program data of the operation sequence can be saved in RE-C700 and the pump can be operated without connecting to the PC.
  • Both with and without connector of motor wiring can be used.

Manual (PDF)
Installation manual (PDF)

Connection (In case of only using RE-C600)

Name Motor controller
Model No. RE-C700
Applicable pumps RP-H series (Only for with the stepper motor)
Connection with the pump Both wiring with and without connector can be used.
Power source DC5V 1A (AC adapter included)
Driving method Bipolar constant voltage
Excitation mode 1/4 micro-step driving
Motor driving voltage 5.2V Fixed
Dimensions 100 x 100 x 34 mm
Accessories AC adapter (Input : AC100-240V 50/60Hz, Output : DC5V 1A),
USB memory stick (Computer software), USB cable (for PC connection)