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Ring Pump RP-S series

RP-S Photo
  • Biggest flow rate pump among our lineup.
  • You can have double-flow rate with the RP-2S series which combines two RP-S.

Catalog (PDF)
Outline drawing (PDF)
3D CAD data (STEP)
2D CAD data (DXF)

Standard model (Spec 1)
Model No. Voltage
(DC V)
Tube Motor Rotation
RP-S06N-500Z-DC24V 24 500 Tygon A-60-F 6.35 x 9.52 Motor
RP-S06F-500Z-DC24V 24 500 PharMed BPT 6.35 x 9.52
RP-S06W-500Z-DC24V 24 500 Transmaster TM-15 6.35 x 9.52
RP-S06N-700Z-DC24V 24 700 Tygon A-60-F 6.35 x 9.52 Motor
RP-S06F-700Z-DC24V 24 700 PharMed BPT 6.35 x 9.52
RP-S07W-800Z-DC24V 24 800 Transmaster TM-15 7 x 10
∗1. Some of Saint-Gobain's tube names are changed a few years ago.
Tygon A-60-F ← Norprene A-60-F (Old name)
Outline drawing
RP-S 外観図
  • The arrows indicate the discharge direction when the positive side of DC power is connected to the terminal with the + mark and the negative side is connected to the terminal on the opposite side.
Mounting holes
RP-S Mounting holes drawing
*Install with the motor shaft horizontal.
Motor B
RP-S Motor B

P-Q characteristic
RP-S P-Q曲線 *It varies depending on the tube material / size and the motor.