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About Ring Pump

Ring Pump that was created by Aquatech is the innovative peristaltic pump. Ring Pump achieved long life of the tube.

Comparing to traditional pump
Stress of the tube is big because several small rollers squeeze it sharply. Therefore it is necessary to replace the tube at short intervals.
Ring Pump
Because the ring which diameter is large presses the tube gently, stress of the tube is reduced and long life is achieved.

Mechanism of Ring Pump

Mechanism of Ring Pump
OUT INMoving of Ring Pump偏芯ローターの回転の様子
Presspoint moves from 1,2 to 3

Application of Ring Pump is unlimited.

Ring Pump is used for various applications such as water purifier, car washer, coffee vending machine, washing machine, printer, analytical instrument, cell culture, micro TAS, etc...